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Ever wonder what the difference is between a Modular and a Manufactured Home? Take a look below to learn more...

Manufactured Homes

The term "Manufactured Home" is a home that was derived from the "Double Wide" home. These homes are built to a national building code that was established by HUD in 1978. Manufactured Homes have to meet or exceed a variety of standards. Those standards cover nearly every aspect of home building: including design, construction, strength, durability, fire resistance, energy efficiency ventilation, wind resistance, and installation procedures.

Manufactured Homes come in a variety of floorplans/sizes, from single wide homes that start at 500 sq ft, to multi-section homes that can go up to approx 2500 sq ft. Manufactured Homes are built on a steel frame that stays with the home once they are set.

Manufactured Homes have a lot to offer including:

But the most important thing to mention about Manufactured Homes is the affordability, with prices starting as low as $40 per square foot!

Modular Homes

Modular Homes are very similar to Manufactured Homes. They are both built indoors in a controlled environment.

There are a few things that make a Manufatured home different than a Modular Home. A Modular Home is built to state code versus a Manufatured Home being built to the federal HUD code standard. For Example: A Modular Home built to a Michigan State code will require a thicker balnket of insulation in the attic than a home built to an Illinois state code. Also, a Modular Home is built on a steel chassis like a Manufactured Home, but when the home is set or placed, the steel chassis is removed and returned back to the manufacturer to be reused.

Aesthically, there can be very little difference between a Manufactured and Modular Home

But again, one of the most important things to mention about Modular Homes is their affordability, with prices starting as low as $45 per square foot!